WARAGAMI Ambassadors for People with Disabilities Initiative


WARAGAMI Ambassadors for People with Disabilities Initiative

From our belief in the fact that “Art is for All” and it’s not exclusive to a particular group, it is a right for all to enjoy its practice and to take advantages of the arts. We have launched an initiative called “WARAGAMI Ambassadors For People With Disabilities” on 10th.July.2017

WARAGAMI launched this initiative in collaboration with Ya Onak initiative the First Origami instructions in the world using Braille method  that helps blind people to create their own paper art shapes.

This initiative includes a group of people who have demonstrated their passion and creativity in the arts in general and Paper Arts in particular and challenged their disability, they are: Abdo Nassif, Faisal Islim, Da’ad Hantash and Eyad Abu Mar’i.

WARAGAMI Ambassadors embarked on their journey of creativity, inspiration and hope for others, and they have been an example of challenge, They started in training people on paper arts and how to make different paper shapes and products.

For Example, WARAGAMI Ambassador “Daad Hantash” started to make paper art workshop for Refugees and people with disabilities, As for Faisal Isleem, he developed his skills in the paper arts and began to create accessories and many other wonderful shapes and art works in paper.

Recently, Abdo Nassif launched his first exhibition, “One Hand Claps“, which includes 21 paintings of his creativity in the presence of her Royal Highness Princess Alia (Karima Tawfiq Al Tabaa) at the Sky Line Sushi Restaurant at the Landmark Hotel Amman.

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