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The Flamingo

Flamingo (Phoenicopterus) is one of the most beautiful world’s water birds; which is famous for its bright pink feathers, stilt-like legs and S-shaped neck, its length around 90-150 CM and its speed is 37 Mile. Flamingo‘s young born with a white feather color, both parents take care of its...

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Abdo Naseif one of WARAGAMI’s Ambassadors For People With Disabilities

Abdo Sadeq Nassif is one of WARAGAMI’s ambassador for people with disabilities, He was born in 1987 and holds a bachelor’s degree in Interior design from Yarmouk University where he chose his specialty and studied his love and desire since childhood. After graduating he worked in the field of...

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Faisal Isleem, One Of WARAGAMI’s Ambassadors For People With Disabilities

Faisal Fuad Esleem, One of WARAGAMI‘s ambassadors for people with disabilities, Faisal is 26 years old and he suffers from hearing impairment, as a result of his disability he has not completed his academic education, Faisal is a creative person who challenged all difficulties and decided to learn technical...

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