Skyline Sushi restaurant is full of Origami Crane birds and make wishes come true

Skyline Sushi restaurant is full of Origami Crane birds and make wishes come true

Skyline Sushi is a restaurant on the 13th floor of the Landmark Hotel, Amman, Jordan. it serves Sushi which is a  Japanese food that made of pickled rice, covered with thin strips of skimmed skin, or rice wrapped around different fillings of seafood or vegetables. Or fish or red meat eggs and wrap this wrap with a thin sheet of seaweed for consistency and other flavoring. The sushi rice can be covered with fish and eggs and may be raw, cooked or minced, and sushi is usually eaten with a sauce made from wasabi root paste and soy sauce.

Instead of spending time waiting for food online on mobile phones, it was replaced by the development of the right and left brain sides by practicing the Origami which is a Japanese paper art based on folding flat sheet of  paper to make various shapes and shapes by following the instructions .

The restaurant was fully decorated with Origami Crane birds, which considered one of the most popular Origami shapes that related to the 1000 cranes Japanese tale that reflect wishes come true also the restaurant has a recycled tree branches were also decorated with Origami birds.

Skyline Sushi visitors while waiting for their meal, they enjoy creating Origami Crane  birds and give it to the restaurant.When the restaurant collect a 100 crane birds they make someone’s wish come true and this what makes the restaurant special,  so far they made the following wishes come true:

  • The first wish: A dream of a girl from the Gaza camp, where her university tuition was paid.
  • The second wish: was for WARAGAMI Ambassador for people with disability, Abdo Nassif, by launching his first artistic exhibition “One hand claps” which included 21 different paintings that embody many messages such as love, passion, peace, etc. The exhibition was opened under the patronage of HRH Princess Alia “Karema Tawfeeq Altabbaa”.
  • The third wish: was for  more than 90 women from various regions and governorates on the occasion of Mother’s Day has been accomplished by creating their own bazaar to display and market their products to help them enter into entrepreneurship on a larger scale. The bazaar was done at the Landmark Hotel.
  • The fourth wish: was for WARAGAMI  Ambassador for people with disability, Faisal Isleem, by launching his paper art exhibition “Paper makes magic”, where he was able to showcase his amazing artworks.


WARAGAMI kits for paper art “Origami & Quilling” are available at the Skyline Sushi restaurant with all the necessary tools, materials and bilingual guidebooks for different ages and levels that allow people to create their amazing shapes and designs without the need of a trainer.

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