Origami & Quilling kit- Animal Faces- Beginners level

Origami & Quilling kit- Animal Faces- Beginners level

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WARAGAMI Kit- The Animal Faces theme will enable kids to enjoy creating up to 130 animal faces shapes in paper art “Origami & Quilling”, it comes with all the tools and the step-by-step guidebook in Arabic/English.

This kit is made with love to offer joy and to improve kids skills like patience, motor skills and to unleash their creativity by learning through doing.

There’s a Reward Yourself map to enhance kid’s achievements after finishing each shape and when they accomplish, they became #WaraGamers.

*It’s recommended for Beginners started from 4+ years old.

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-Includes 17+ tools: (Quilling tool pen, Sizer, White glue, Glitter pen, Wooden sticks, Scissor, Plastic eyes, Yarn, Colorful Pens, Clips, Foam Board).
-50 Colorful Origami paper 9*9 Cm.
-50 Colorful Origami paper 14*14 Cm.
-25 Colorful pattern Origami paper 12*12 Cm.
-200 Colorful Quilling paper .5*29.7 Cm.
-Contains Step-by-step Arabic/English Guidebook.

-Contains coloring space.

-High Quality Kit

-Children from 4+ ages and adults can easily enjoy
creating different shapes.

-Contains Reward Yourself Map to enhance user’s achievements.

*You can refill your kit with more tools & materials.

-Made and designed in Jordan by WARAGAMI

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Weight 0.839 kg
Dimensions 32.5 × 17 × 5 cm


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