Origami Crane Bird

Origami crane bird

The Origami Crane bird is one of the most famous Origami shapes, associated with a Japanese myth that says: “If you create 1000 Origami Crane bird your wish will come true”, Also this shape is very beautiful and can be used in our daily life to create accessories, gifts and decorations.

There’s a story of Japanese girl called Sadoko Sasaki, was two years old when the United States throw a nuclear bomb on the city of Hiroshima in 1945, after ten years she had suffered from leukemia (blood cancer) as a result of exposure to radiation resulting from the “black rain”.

During her stay in the hospital Sadoko decided to create 1000 cranes until her wish come true and heal from leukemia and the peace prevails in the world, she created 644 and later died of her illness.

Therefore, her friends and colleagues at school decided to build a monument to her and to all the children who died from the effects of the atomic bomb and carrying their wishes that peace would prevail and that heals all children with cancer through folding more than 10 million form of Origami crane bird and placed around the statue, where the statue is known by another name, “crane Tower.”

For the Origami Crane instructions watch the video:

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