One Hand Claps Art Exhibition- WARAGAMI Ambassador for People with Disabilities- By Abdo Naseif

One Hand Claps Art Exhibition

“One Hand Claps” it’s an idea that came out from WARAGAMI Ambassador for People with Disabilities Abdo Naseif who worked hard to develop it after the accident that he had 5 years ago which lead to lose his left arm.

Abdo was born in Irbid/Jordan in 1987, has been raised in two different cultures, Jordanian and Greek. Studied Interior Design in Al-Yarmouk University in Irbid and worked after his graduation in the design field for two years then he decided to join Royal Jordanian Airlines as a flight attendant, the goal was travelling around the world and bring new cultures and arts. In 2012 he had a car accident which resulted in losing his left arm…

In a moment he thought it was the end of his life journey, step by step with the support from everyone around him, he found that this was a gift from God. He started adapting & designing new ways to practice his daily activities by his own, and started delivering positive messages to the people, not by writing, but by drawing lines and colors…

Discovering that he can draw with one arm, and putting effort in facing the difficulties was a great achievement and prove that one hand can clap with the achievements and success.

From here through WARAGAMI Ambassadors for People with Disabilities program we launched the first art exhibition for our ambassador Abdo Naseif “One Had Claps” Under The Patronage of her Royal Highness Princess Alia Al-Tabaa.

The exhibition showcased 21 paintings under the name of “One Hand Claps” regarding to the accident that Abdo had 5 years ago, which resulted in losing his left arm. Messages to the people: “I CAN, even if am a one armed person, I still have the ability and the willing to achieve and success and clap with one arm”.
Abdo’s paintings carry many meaningful positive messages such as hope, happiness and willing. Proving that life goes on and losing any part of the body or being different should not stop us from being successful and as Abdo’s dearm came true he decided to donate 15% from his painting sales to make other dream comes true for a person with disability.

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One Hand Claps: Feb. 10th – 23rd, 2018




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