Mustafa Mohamed Helweh, he is one of the WaraGamers, 21 years old, studying Industrial Engineering and he aspires to complete Master degree in his major.

Mustafa is fond of handicrafts in general. He began his journey to Origami when he was at high school. Three years ago he began to dig deeper into Origami through self-learning using the Internet and books. Mustafa believes that in Origami it is possible to transform a simple paper into large forms with different details and designs that we can use in many fields.

He is distinguished by the gifts he makes using Origami art. He is able to transform paper into multiple forms to put his aesthetic time and ambition. Mustafa is pleased for joining WARAGAMI team because they enable him to teach “Origami” through workshops in various educational and community centers at Irbid,also he is very happy with WARAGAMI kit because its provided him with many tools and materials for paper art in one kit, they provided all the necessary tools & materials for the paper arts, and this helped him in the implementation of workshops and to teach this art to many people.

Currently Mustafa aspires to deepen the Japanese art “Origami” to create his own designs, in addition to spreading the culture of this art to people and teaching them this distinctive art, Origami is a very nice way to develop the left and right sides of brain.

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