WARAGAMI Ambassador For Blind People, Eyad Abu-Meri’e

Eyad Mohammed Ali- One of WARAGAMI’s ambassadors for blind, he’s 32 years old and has a special education diploma.

Currently Eyad is working at the Greater Amman Municipality and  he is also a member of Ya Ounak initiative since 3 years which aims to help the blind and get them involved in the community.

Eyad had a passion in paper arts since he was a child but he did not find enough support to develop his talent and people around him didn’t imagine how blind person could create shapes in paper art!

When Eyad met WARAGAMI’s team through Ya Ounak initiative, he retrieve his passion in paper art and felt so excited because he found people can believe in his talent to be a WaraGamer.

In 2017 Eyad helped WARAGAMI to launched the first Origami instructions in the world using Braille method, this enable blind people to create their own paper art in easy way and Eyad was able to read the instructions using braille method and help other people to create Origami.

Eyad’s dream in life is not to deal blind people different than other people, to try to understand them more and to see their potential and beauty that they can see in their hearts.

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