How Paper Art Can Enhance kid’s Motor Skills

To create paper art shapes you need to use your hands to fold, Quill, cut with scissor, draw, squeeze & control glue.

These processes can improve fine motor skills and building muscles especially for kids and Physical therapy.

Paper art is a multi-sensory, you need to listen, observe and touch the paper. The process of learning a new model and creating it provides an opportunity to improve multiple cognitive skills in a fun way.

Sequential memory, ability to follow directions, eye/hand coordination, spatial perception and fine and gross motor skills are some examples, these skills similarly translate to other areas of life, such as dressing & eating.

More and more now, care providers and researchers have found that folding & Quilling paper can help those with medical conditions and for those who have had surgery or injuries of the hands, Origami & Quilling help patients regain control over their hand movements and help build muscles, they find doing their “hand exercise” through paper art is more rewarding than traditional physical therapy methods.”

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