Farah Al-Shami- One of the WaraGamers

Farah Adnan Al-Shami, One of the WaraGamers, She is a 25-year-old and holds a master’s degree in Applied Biology Sciences. Farah is interested in Arab arts such as the calligraphy and the Oud. She is a fan of reading and finds fun in philosophical conversations and psychological analysis of human behavior.

Farah is eager to learn about all the new things she has been involved in. “It is one of the best coincidences and spontaneous steps that have been decided to try.”

She did not stop learning about the details of Origami and her first attempt was to do more than 100 Sakura roses to decorate the Tree of Desires while volunteering with the Japan Club.

Farah believes that WARAGAMI has greatly contributed to the expansion of her activities outside the university and to make workshops to teach Origami on a wider scale by connecting them as a coach and centers that attract activities such as Origami education for her students and students. Of paper folding art, it was not difficult to get the training tools in one box, which helps her to organize her time and tools during the exercises.

Recently, Farah uses paper arts as a means of empowering women in society and developing their personality and achieving financial returns.


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