Faisal Isleem, One Of WARAGAMI’s Ambassadors For People With Disabilities

Faisal Fuad Esleem, One of WARAGAMI‘s ambassadors for people with disabilities, Faisal is 26 years old and he suffers from hearing impairment, as a result of his disability he has not completed his academic education, Faisal is a creative person who challenged all difficulties and decided to learn technical and programming skills in addition to his passion in paper art, people around him was surprised with his creativity and distinction.m

Faisal took the papers and made them forms and products in the very beauty and creativity, and decided to turn his passion for paper arts to a work of his own, he became involved with many bazaars and exhibitions to sell products in addition to the work of products according to the request of customers, and everyone who saw his work admire him.

Faisal believes that it is not impossible with the will and that human potential is not restricted to biological health. On the contrary, many people who are deprived of some physical skills can compensate them in one form or another for as long as they have good know-how and thinking and stress once again the importance of man’s will and determination.

In 2017 Faisal became one of WARAGAMI‘s Ambassadors For People With Disabilities  because he showcased his talent and passion in paper art and he challenged all the barriers he suffers.

Faisal dreamed of completing his studies in English abroad, and pointed out that his family were the supporters and fans in the discovery and development of talent and passion paper arts, and the most important thing that he can do things not known many of his surroundings.

In his final speech, Faisal hopes that no one will underestimate what he offers and that everyone sees the importance of these arts and their beauty and importance in our lives.

And the following are some of Faisal’s creative artworks in paper art”Origami & Quilling”:

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