Enhance Your Patience

Paper art can enhance attention & meditation which has been shown to stabilize the mind and promote calmness and achieve “perspective and patience.

WARAGAMI’s products are available in different levels, to let customers develop their skills and patience starting from the easiest shapes that needs low number of folds & Quills to the advanced shapes which require more time and steps to create them.

Before being able to reach meditation through paper art, you must first get to know the instructions and arrows of paper art. After this initial learning stage, you are then able to fold with a focused approach. Origami & Quilling are not about creating the most complicated model, but about using them to meditate and be patience.

Paper art lowers blood pressure and stress, increases the immune system and improves tolerance of chronic pain symptoms. It costs nothing, and isn’t addictive.

Studies show that areas of the brain involved in attention are notably activated in mindfulness practitioners and origami can stop our brain from straying to thoughts of the past or the future, where many of our worries lie.”

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