Daad Hantash, WARAGAMI’s Ambassador For People with Disabilities


Daad Osama Hantash is one of WARAGAMI’s ambassadors for people with disabilities, she is 23 years old and has a Bachelor Degree in International and Strategic Relations from the Hashemite University. She is currently working for International Aid Medical Organization, a resident of Zarqa.

Da’ed is a girl who has gone beyond the concept of disability and consider as a challenge and success. She has come to this life and has an incomplete part in her right hand. She has become an industrial party for about three years, but she depends on herself.

She started her journey with paper art “Origami & Quilling” when she met WARAGAMI team at one of paper art workshop, she thought that she won’t be able to practice paper art  because she needed a lot of precision to show the desired shape, but she challenged herself and insisted to learn this art by using her right hand and left leg, she arrived To the desired result from the first time.

Da’ed sees the paper arts as something fun and is a world in itself. She learns something new every time!

She explained in a position she was exposed to during one of the workshops on preventive arts that for the first time she saw that the children didn’t ask her about her hand, , And consider paper art as a great method that brings people together despite their differences.

Due to her work in the humanitarian field, she dreams of reaching a stage where she can secure the limbs of the largest number of refugees from war and those who lost limbs, because of the high cost of artificial limbs where they can not get them.

Daad sent a message to the community not to insult anyone in front of them regardless of form, color and gender! Rather, they have to look at the underlying power and way of thinking.

To know more about Daad you can watch the following video:

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