Check out “WARAGAMI Corner” Initiative

In our daily life we use a lot of papers from the newspaper, wrapping paper, books & notebooks and the exams papers, this will cause a lot of

paper waste especially inside Schools, Universities and organizations and we have to face the fact about how to get rid of these papers without

feeling guilty about the environment?!


At WARAGAMI because we care about the environment and we are following the sustainable Development Goals SDGs, we found the solution

by launching an initiative called “WARAGAMI Recycle Corner”, which is a corner contains step-by-step instructions for –How to paper art/ Origami

, this corner can be inside schools, universities and institutions that use papers a lot!

We cut the papers and the old books to create Origami paper with WARAGAMI specific standards then we put them in special packages in the

recycle corner.

In this way we will be able to transform the paper waste into beautiful art works, educational methods that help teachers at classes and enable

students for a better understanding and to develop their creativity and motor skills, also it can be a nice way for employees to get rid of stress

and enjoy break time since paper art is for all.


So far,  WARAGAMI Recycle Corner is available in the following places:

Al-Quds College| Oasis500 | Mercy Corp’s schools.


If you would like to Have WARAGAMI Recycle corner all what you have to do is the following:

1- Email us: or Call us: +962 799862551 / +962 785384512



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