Abdo Naseif one of WARAGAMI’s Ambassadors For People With Disabilities

Abdo Sadeq Nassif is one of WARAGAMI’s ambassador for people with disabilities, He was born in 1987 and holds a bachelor’s degree in Interior design from Yarmouk University where he chose his specialty and studied his love and desire since childhood. After graduating he worked in the field of design for a year and then decided to complete his master’s degree in the same field.

Later on he worked for two and a half years as a flight attendant because he dreamed of traveling around the world to learn about different cultures, designs and arts. Abdo considered the art of folding origami as a beautiful art with a lot of creativity. Between drawing and the art of origami to create a new  Diversity between these arts.

One day, Abdu suffered a car accident that led to his loss of his northern hand, but remained in the same airline he was working in because he believed in his abilities and was doing his job perfectly.

After the incident, Abdo decided to shoot videos showing people that nothing should stand in front of what we want to achieve. He pointed out that before the incident he did not pay much attention to things in life, but after that incident his vision changed for many things in life , And Abdo that these videos as a means and a platform to deliver his message to the community, and Nassif aspires to establish a society or a center specialized in the teaching of painting and the arts.

Abdo is very believable that what is happening with us challenges and obstacles is a blessing from God and we should regard it as a challenge to us and that we can do the impossible and that man is not only hands and feet, but man is heart, mind and feeling!

And believes that there are many people who stood with him and was supported by his family and friends, especially his mother specifically has had the impact of moral support for him, and his partner, who believed in him and his abilities.

Abdo Nassif emphasizes that the abilities of people with disabilities or those who have injuries should not be underestimated, that they should be treated with compassion or that they be prevented from mixing with society because they are capable of producing things that can not be expected and that are inspired and inspired by society.

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