6 Amazing reasons to do Origami with your family at Holidays

6 Amazing reasons to do Origami with your family at Holidays:


Origami is an ancient Japanese art based on folding a flat sheet of paper to create different shapes and designs, So today we’ve chosen this art for you to do it with your family for the following reasons:


1- Enhance Your Family’s Creativity & Skills:

Origami is an adorable art that has a lot of benefits, so it can unleash your creativity by creating anything you can imagine using the paper, also you can improve your patient, motor skills and mathematics skills.


2- Have a Quality time with your family:

Origami gives you a quality time with your family where you can have fun, interact with each other and also you can play games or even know more about each others and have a warm time together specially during the holidays and occasions.


3- Keep your family’s Health:

Origami regarding to the researches proved that it will enhance your concentration and give you the calm and relax, so you can get rid of the stress and have a peaceful holiday with your family.


4- Enjoy Holidays & create an unforgettable memories:

When we were kids we used to create the paper boat and the paper plane and maybe we still remember these unforgettable moments with our friends and parents.

Also, you can use Origami as a game with your family, telling stories and creating characters, Create giveaways or even you can enjoy creating a family’s design and decorations for special occasions like Ramadan, Birthday party, Eid and Christmas and in this way you can have fun and involve with each other.


5- Enjoy the integration of positive side of Technology and the ancient art of Origami:

Kids & Parents spend a lot of time in front of screens like: (TV, Mobile phones, iPads,..etc) and this will prevent them to have fun together and effect their relationship and health in a bad way.

So, Origami enables you to create the shapes using the step-by-step instructions or sometimes you can watch the tutorial videos for more hacks and inspirations that shows you how to do the shapes and in this way you can use the positive side of the Technology and activate your multi sensors.

6- Affordable:

All what you need for Origami is a paper, where you can find it everywhere or by up-cycling the old magazines and newspapers.

And you can get the special Origami paper and WARAGAMI kits with all the needed tools and guidebook for paper art from the following link: http://bit.ly/WARAGAMIShop

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