Improve Creativity

Paper art activates both hemispheres of the brain at the same time, thus WARAGAMI designed its guidebook by using Road-Mind maps to develop Creativity and Analytic Thinking.

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Enhance Patience

With practice, Paper art can enhance Attention & Meditation which has been shown to stabilize the mind and promote Calmness and achieve “Persistence and Patience.

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Time Management

Paper art helps to construct the concept of “First Things First”; by following the sequence of instruction in WARAGAMI guidebooks you can produce desired shapes on time.

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Improve Academic Performance

Paper art is an effective teaching tool that allows students to enjoy learning Academic subjects like Math, science & create geometric shapes.

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High Quality

Our products are of high quality, recycled, contain less plastic and user-friendly.

First Company

WARAGAMI is the first company in the Middle East that offers kits with all the materials and tools needed for paper art “Origami & Quilling”.

Reasonable Prices

We offer all the materials and tools that needed for paper art “Origami & Quilling” in a reasonable price.

Refill Options

You can refill your kit with more tools and materials by choosing the Colors, Quantities & Sizes you want. To refill click here



Fun & Learn

Look at this big smile! Your kid will have a lot of joy and fun by creating shapes in paper art.

Enjoyable activity

“Origami has the characteristics of a game: it’s an enjoyable activity; it follows certain rules, it involves emotions, it excites, entertains and at the same time teaches through doing”.– Friedrich Froebel (1782–1852), German Educator

Unleash your kids creativity

WARAGAMI is the way to unleash your kids creativity & protect them from Technology addiction.